Friday, April 17, 2009

New Recording from Across the Pond " Boyles" over

The wonderful voice and success of Susan Boyle has finally reached the US, all be it taking 4/5 days for Fox news to report on it. She has already appeared on CNN with interviews with Larry King and even Oprah lined up. Now they have found a ten year old recording of Susan singing for a charity record "Cry me a River" It's brilliant!!!

So what's next for Susan?

There is only one thing left after Oprah, that is to be a guest on my radio show "A Book and a Chat"... But NOT this week.

My very special guest is this week is Jo Ann Hernandez, Author of the young adult novel, The Throwaway Piece, Award winner, Blogger, Promoter of Latino Literature and writers.

Jo Ann's life reads like a classic piece of literature, and I can't wait to chat to her to find more about this fascinating lady.


A BOOK AND A CHAT with Jo Ann Hernandez on Saturday, April 18, 2009 at 11:00 AM (EST)


Author of Young Adult Romance/Fiction book
Across the Pond

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  1. Susan Boyle does sound really spectacular. I'm glad she's beating the beauty system.

    Morgan Mandel