Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Why Do you Write? and Happy St Georgies Day

Today is St Georges day. St George is not only the Patron Saint England but also of Aragon, Lithuania, Palestine, Portugal, Germany and Greece as well as being the patron Saint of Scouting. I will write all about this him in detail in my Sunday UK blog, see keep your eyes open.

Yesterday a very interesting article was written on about why people write.

All writers perhaps dream that they will be the next J.K. Rolling or be discovered by one of Oprah's book agents. But the honest truth is that is for 99% of authors that just does not happen. So why write? On the hope that 1% and make your fame of fortune? Read the article and the comments and find out.

Today's BBC Weird News Snippet.

Are Champagne Corks on the way out?


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  1. Happy (early) St. George's Day. I got used to celebrating St. Andrew's Day growing up b/c I did Scottish Highland Dancing and we always had performances for St. Andrew's Day and Burns' Night dinners.

    St. George needs to find a catchy way to have people celebrate his day. Green beer and haggis are taken. Think he'd go for rowdy football fans?

  2. Well, Happy St. George's Day to you, Barry! Honestly I had not heard of this, so am thrilled to learn about it! By the way, I love you animated signature! Very cool!

  3. St Andrews Nov 30th and yes we used to have Burns Night in England with a Haggis Tatties and neeps, with a wee dram

    St George's Day I will write about on my Sunday UK Blog so you can read all about him and when it all started.

  4. You're offering a great variety here in your pots. I don't know why we don't celebrate St. George's Day here.

    Morgan Mandel

  5. Is that good Morgan?

    I'm trying to build into a set days for set things perhaps with the BBC tag each day (Saving those)