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Olympics 2012- 18

I flew back from my beloved England to USA yesterday, my case overflowing with must haves like “lemsips, germaline, mince sauce, HP sauce and many, many memories of the 2012 Olympics. Already I am suffering from “POD” (Post Olympic Depression” having gone from BBC’s terrific coverage to NBC’s “Lets squeeze in a few American sporting moments in between adverts”. I just hope, unlike the opening ceremony they have live coverage of the closing ceremony, which promises to be a musical extravaganza.

Once these glorious Games are over and the glow of golden glory of the elite Olympians fades in the memory, talk will likely turn to the legacy of London 2012.  It has already started in on corner of south-West London where Ian Thorpe, one of the greatest swimmers ever to live, is fulfilling his Twitter promise to provide some swimming tips at one of Britain's greatest pools, Tooting Bec Lido. This is like him being at a local swimming hole in down town Brooklyn.

Another moment to note is in today’s marathon where South Sudan's who lost 28 relatives during the country's conflict with Sudan is a runner. With South Sudan yet to join the Olympic movement, the United States where Marial lives yet to award him citizenship, and Marial unwilling to run under Sudan's flag, he is one of four athletes in the Games to compete as an independent athlete.

Saturday was again a golden day fro team GB, with Mo Farrow completing an amzing double winning the 5000mtrs on the track adding a second gold to the one he won in the 10,000mtrs.This was added to boxing and sprint canoeing as the day went on, scattered with a few medals of other colours.

If there’s an Olympic award for courage on the field of play, runner Manteo Mitchell should get a strong nomination.

Mitchell ran the opening leg of the U.S. men’s 4 x 400 -metre relay Thursday and seemed to labor, unable to hand over the lead to Josh Mance after a 46.1-second leg.

Afterward Mitchell said he had a cramp in his foot but his struggles didn’t seem to matter because Josh Mance, Tony McQuay and Bryshon Nellum rallied to get the U.S. to the finish line in 2 minutes, 58.87 seconds and tie the Bahamas quartet for the fastest qualifying time. The time was the fastest ever in the first round of a relay at the Olympics.

After the relay, though, Mitchell returned to the Olympic Village and had a doctor check out his leg. X-rays showed he had a broken fibula.

I m going to finish with some quotes which share words I can only try and find to express my own pride about these Olympics Injured marathon runner and world record holder Paula Radcliffe

"Just to say the games makers, officials and helpers all over London have been the best and the nicest I have ever seen at 5 Olympics.”

British Olympic Association chief Colin Moynihan about the wonderful crows and support during these games… “Many silver medals have been converted to golds by public support for athletes at these Games”

However previous gold medallist and BBC Sport athletics pundit however says it best…

"I couldn't have dreamed this dream. No-one could have written this script, that things would go so remarkably well. I'm full of pride. I'm so proud of the job we've done, on every level. Everyone's raised their game, from volunteer to elite performer. This will go down in History!"

Barry Eva (Storyheart)

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