Thursday, August 9, 2012

Olympics 2012 - 15

From the Bronte's to the Brownlee's

As I spent my time at the Olympic stadium on Tuesday enjoying an atmosphere that seemed ready to irrupt into frenzy of British pride for the smallest reason, .just enjoying the wave of pride and emotion that is covering my country right now.

It was almost beyond my comprehension as the tidal wave of ran through the people like an giant Mexican wave through the stadium, around the surrounding venues, walk ways ad parks where hundreds of thousands cheered every event and athlete. Smiling faces of every age and from all 204 surrounding countries covered in flags of every nation fill a transport system that whizzes you to your Olympic destination seemingly before you can say “gold medal”.

Not just the audience are enjoying them selves, the picture of the athletes parting after their events fill the papers, Cameroon has seven athletes that have disappeared, seemingly wanting to stay in Britain.

In the velodrome the cycling completed with “team GB” as it is known winning more gold I every event except three events. Even in those three events two medals and a disqualification (while leading) showed British cyclist superiority. France (always the French) have winged about secret motors inside and the fact that Britain have specials “extra round wheels”... There was an article in the paper on Monday when something strange happened in the velodrome as another countries anthem was played instead of the of “God Save the Queen”, not by mistake but just for the first time in so many events GB had not won the gold.

Yorkshire is a large county in the North of England, home of Charlotte Bronte, location for Wothering Heights etc, sometimes called “Gods Own Country”. It is at no little pride for those living there that if that one county was a country they alone have one more gold medals than the countries such as Australia, France and Spain.

In amongst the success, there are a few athletes that have tried to compete while injured only to fail. The support I was witness to of a Mexican athlete in the woman's 5000mtrs receiving as the padded round the track way behind the rest of the field, like a rolling wave of thunder following in her around the track showing the encouragement that every watcher is seemingly there to provide.

In the final of the team horse show jumping a Brazilian rider had the seemingly every fence down, even a fence where one of the poles was knocked off by the wind he went on to almost demolish the rest of the fence.

Yesterday I was one of the crowd enjoying the quarter finals of the men's basketball, in a different location to my previous visitiation and another full of the nations from all part sof the world, where several of the planned thousand used basketballs were being slammed and dunked.

While the closing ceremony plans are well underway, based on London, and the history of British music with stars such as The Who and even the “Spice Girls” scheduled to appear (did I say stars) there is a sad note to type about. The scheduled reunion of “Take That” might now not take place after singer Gary Barlow might well not appear. Earlier this week, his expected fourth child was sadly “still born” something that obviously might be more important than appearing in the closing ceremony.

I have said before this whole Olympics is just making my so proud to be British, the trips to the stadium or what I have seen on the TV have only gone to fill my heart with this pride and overflowing exuberance for my homeland.

Barry Eva (Storyheart)

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