Sunday, August 5, 2012

Olympics 2012-11


 After the normal delay at JFK airport (why do they always have a back log of planes trying to take off or land?) I had a great flight over catching up lost time and only arriving ten minutes late. The first thing one notices on arriving at Heathrow is the Olympics are on. Everywhere there are posters, meeting areas and Olympic guides everywhere. People walking around either in the pink/purple clothing of welcoming guides or wearing passes stating they have been part of these wonderful Olympics games.

There seems to be a smile on every persons face and from the smallest shop to the largest store flags are flying. Catching the tube or as the Americans say “Subway” from the airport to Arnos Grove which is basically the full length of the Piccadilly Line there were even for my tired eyes so much to see. People from many countries heading for events in London, children grasping flags, eyes filled with anticipation being told stories of what they were about to see, stories that they will pass on to their own children.

And what a day...

In the annals of British sporting history Saturday August 4th will be forever know and remembered. Six gold medals... including three within an hour on the athletic track. The country raised its voice as one cheering on the athletes and singing the national anthem. Proud, choked, humbled... all that and more as I watched the events unfurl on television. The thousand at the venues, or outside watching on large screens, the joy and patriotism this is filling the furthest outpost of the British empire right now is beyond words that I can type.

The flags are flying, the words are being sung, and like so many right now I am glad to be n Britain as part of these 2102 Olympics and proud to be British.

Barry Eva (Storyheart)

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