Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A Book and a Chat with "Melissa Crandall"

I'm back from my trip "Across the Pond" and will be sharing some items of news and interest and even a laugh or two over the next few days on this blog. For today however I'm back with my radio show. Tonight it is "A Book and a Chat with Melissa Crandall"

At the tender age of six, Melissa Crandall wrote, illustrated, and published her first book, "The Dog and the Fox." In 1992 Melissa collaborated on her first professional endeavor and she hasn't looked back since.

From writing Fanzene version of Star Trek and Quantom Leap to her latest smash hit book of short stories "Darling Wendy and Other Stories", Melissa continues to write novels and short stories, dabble a bit in poetry, and doesn't expect things to change until they haul her away, kicking and screaming.

You can listen to this enjoyable radio show and find out more about Melissa and her writings at

or on my blog spot at

So why not stop by and listen to this enjoyable thirty minutes of entertainment as I chat with Melissa Crandall on today's "A BOOK AND A CHAT"


BARRY EVA (Storyheart)

Author of Young Adult Romance/Fiction book
"Across the Pond"

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