Saturday, February 13, 2010

A Book and a Chat with "Victor Pross"

Throughout history the caricature has been part of the artists armory. My guest today on "A Book and a Chat" is Victor Pross professional caricaturist and illustrator, known for his "extreme caricaturing", whose book "Icons & Idols" has been recently released.

with over 100,000 faces estimated to have been drawn by Victor, he has an extensive experience in caricature art, comic art, editorials, game boards, character design, CD covers, print advertisements, to name but a few.

During the show Victor shared with us some of the origins of both his art and how he came to create his new book "Icons & Idols"

Along the way some of his favorite moments have been creating a caricaturing actor Fred Ward when he appeared in Toronto for some on location shooting. Being commissioned to paint Ron Howard’s caricature portrait as a gift for the famous director. Let alone his own moments as a teacher or appearing in radio and TV.

In his book Victor shares some of the "extreme caricaturing" creations he has created, from Jack Nicholson to Einstein. A sample of these drawings can be found on Victors website, though I would suggest purchasing a copy of his book would really show you the artistic talents of Victor Pross. During the show Victor even offered to add a caricature for the person purchasing a copy of his book.

So why not stop by and listen to today's very entertaining forty-five minute show "A Book and a Chat with Victor Pross"

A Book and a Chat with Victor Pross

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Victor Pross

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Icons & Idols

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