Monday, February 22, 2010

A Book and a Chat with "Jennifer R. Hubbard"

My guest on today's special one hour "A Book and a Chat" was author "Jennifer R. Hubbard" whose long awaited debut novel "The Secret Year" came out in January.

There has been much expectation amongst the YA community regarding "The Secret Year" and it has not disappointed, with great reviews wherever you look.

While the book is only 192 words in length each word is carefully picked each one aiding to what is a fantastic journey though your emotions. From the numbness that came over Colt, then the spark he felt when Kirby came along, to the pain with the realization that he may never fully get over Julia's death. It's a book that will put Jennifer up among the must reads of YA literature.

During the show Jennifer discussed with us how she developed as a author from writing and illustrating her own picture books at a very early age (I'd love there to be a few of those around), through successful short stories to this, her first, and by no means her last novel.

Sharing with us many of the stages through the creation of "The Secret Year" we were able to get an interesting inside to Jennifer Hubbard, the author.

Some enlightening questions posed by the listeners in the chat room, helped make the show one that all writers and readers and those who just enjoy listening to a good radio show will enjoy.

So why not listen online or down load the mp3 and enjoy A Book and a Chat with "Jennifer R. Hubbard"


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A Book and a Chat with Jennifer R. Hubbard

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All About Jennifer R. Hubbard

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