Thursday, February 11, 2010

A Book and a Chat with "Lori Finnila"

One of the great things about running a radio show is the fact that not only do you have a chance to interact and learn from so many interesting people, you also get a chance to share and hopefully help listeners. My guest today on a book and a chat is one such fascinating person. Author, chat show host, and survivor Lori Finnila.

Though the show and scratched the surface of this fascinating lady, we were able to see in the items that she shared with us, what a life she had lead. From being an aspiring model and doing film work, through being abused in so many different ways, Lori has trodden a path through life that many would think only happen in films or on TV.

Being attacked while in hospital, which lead to her suffering a brain injury to perhaps hearing about the plot to kill JFK Jn, Lori's story is one of suffering a courage.

In her books as well as on her own radio show "Women Empowerment" Lori has with her honesty and courage, been able provide help and encouragement to many dealing in items from "domestic violence, and homelessness to brain injury's"

The show is a very interesting thirty minutes that all should listen to, just to see the strength and fortitude of this fascinating lady.

Direct link to the show is...

A Book and a Chat with Lori Finnila

or you can download the mp3 file of the show from

Lori Finn

To find out more about Lori visit her web site at:

Women Empowerment

Check out

Barry Eva (Storyheart)

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