Thursday, June 25, 2009

Across the Pond and Back Again

"Across the Pond and Back Again" is the title of my next book.

I have booked a few days vacation, the principle idea being to try and do some writing done on this new book. Of course with Terror 1 and Terror 2 at home plus every other kids from near by seemingly living in our house, doing any form of creative writing in my house is almost impossible.

All parents know only too well, the "don't do that" and "he/she took my ball", "can I go" etc that punctuates the air about every five minutes.

I was planning to get away, like one hears about in writers groups, some for of reclose like log cabin, though perhaps a Hemingway bar like location would be better. I was thinking... perhaps to the somewhere by the sea like Mystic. However, with my eldest son now getting married back home in England this October wedding costs and plane tickets have put a complete kibosh on any thoughts of that.

So it's spending time writing in the library, nice and cool/dry the only issue I have is while there are nice comfy chairs and computer access tables, to use my own lap top at a table, where I can with a little cable stretching reach a power supply I sit on solid wood chairs.

(I guess they don't want people to sit there for long) Unfortunately this is not the most comfortable thing when still recovering from back surgery.

Still I have created four chapters yesterday before having to retire to the bar for a recovery beer.

I will share chapter one with you all in tomorrows blog...


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