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Across the Pond by Storyheart : Feb 23rd day 16 of my “Virtual Book Tour”

Across the Pond by Storyheart : Feb 23rd day 16 of my “Virtual Book Tour”

New, Views and Reviews of my young adult fiction book Across the Pond

The last week of what has been a wonderful experience meeting so many interesting people, reviews and interviews along the way. Learning things myself, as well meeting some fascinating people along the way.

With more reviews and interviews for my book Across the Pond and me Storyheart happening every day this final week looks like another busy few days.

I discovered that Saturday and Sundays do not count as days on virtual tours, yet still events go on. So we’ll take it as February 22nd another day on my month long virtual book tour.

February 23rd day 16

Firstly a stop at The Plot for a Book Synopsis

While it was nice having the synopsis is was basically the words I had written on the book site, so nothing new.

I have a character review at later which I’m sure will provide more details.

The second stop was one I had forgotten about but which proved to be a really fun visit

Shooting Stars Magazine

The interview with Lauren proved so much fun she actually had to trim the interview down as it went on way too long. Please stop and pay a visit and enjoy our chat

Across the Pond is a short, fun read. I liked Fred's character for the most part and enjoyed the mishaps he found himself in due to the language "barriers." His project was fun and I really liked seeing the various words and their meanings between the U.S. and England. It was exciting to see that I knew most of them as well!!


The day started even better with yet ANOTHER two wonderful reviews at Amazon.

To me it is amazing that since the book came out in October I have over 50 reviews, all of which are GOOD reviews. At AMAZON ALONE I now have “43” wonderful reviews. That does not count special sites, awards etc.

Young romance, friends and baseball! What a great combination!, February 22, 2009
By B. Krecklow "Karen" (Kansas) - See all my reviews

When Fred is sent to America to stay with friends of his family he doesn't know what is in store for him. He meets a girl name Brittany, her friends, and also a few enemies along the way. He also finds out about American baseball. What could be better!

This is a wonderful book about youth, teenage romance, baseball, and so much more. It is a book geared to young adults but I really enjoyed reading it. Check it out for yourself, it's a great read!

A Heartfelt Summer Roamance, February 22, 2009
By T. L. Ward (Wisconsin) - See all my reviews

Across the Pond is a fun, heartfelt summer romance between English Fred and American Brittany.
The story is fast paced and the characters are well defined.
The story has a lot of substance and leaves ends open for more.
I especially liked the parts where Brit confided in Fred about her troubles with the bully Stefan, and the part about the baseball. Fred definitely knew the way to a girls heart and how to make a lasting impression.
I hope that Storyheart continues with more.

I am so so please that there are so many people enjoying the book it means so much to me.!

More events are happening all the time, so join me and my daily blog as I spread the word about “Across the Pond” a book by me Storyheart

This Week’s Stops:
Feb. 24 – The Plot (character interview)
As the Pages Turn (book trivia)
Feb. 25 – The Book Stacks (guest post)
Feb. 26 – A Bookworm Reads (guest post)
Feb. 27 – Plug Your Book
Feb. 28 – Green Bean Teen Queen – Interview

So what is the book tour about?
Barry Eva (aka Storyheart), author of the young adult romance novel, Across the Pond (Xlibris), is on his virtual book tour throughout February. Arrange with the help of

What is the Book About?
Across the Pond by Storyheart. With believable characters, exciting events, humor, first love, education and a little sport thrown in for good measure, this is a book for all ages.

Storyheart (Barry Eva)

Don’t Forget…. Spread the word…. You can follow my tour on my blog at

Across the Pond

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