Monday, February 15, 2010

A Book and a Chat with "Maria J Andrade"

My guest on today's "A Book and a Chat" is poet, author, therapist, multi-linguist and human rights activist Maria J Andrade.

From Ecuador to New York and California, Maria has seen a whole spectrum of different cultures, religions and races. Through this she has been able to follow her two passions "writing" and "psychology".

During the show Maria explain about her love of poetry which lead to her first book "Singing My Self Home", poetry about dreams, spirits and the challenges of life.

Her childrens book "Youngen Finds Her Song" as we discovered during the show has become a very popular books for all ages at schools. The added bonus of an audio version for younger scholars who perhaps can not read, is shared by senior school readers who find so many interesting and education parts of this great story.

Maria's is currently on a virtual book tour with the "Pump Up Your Book Promotion" group with her book "Heart Magic:Keeping Love Alive and Well"

Marai gave us an incite into the book and the way it can help form the foundation of a healthy, loving, relationship.

Even to the eight step approach, how many of these are expressed in your partnership?

Two People - who love and respect themselves and each other
Prioritize - your relationship. Don't let everything else come before it.
Attention - Listen with kindness and empathy.
Honesty - Be truthful and congruent.
Trust - Resolve problems in fair ways so both partner's are honored.
Timing - Choose your communication time wisely.
Laughter & Play - Necessary for a good relationship and quality of life.
Dedication & Affection - Express your dream daily to love and be loved.

The show proved to be a very interesting and entertaining thirty minutes, so why not listen now to "A Book and a Chat with Maria J Andrade"

A Book and a Chat with Maria J Andrade

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Maria J Andrade

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Heart Magic

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