Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Tales of breaks, bad luck and a hedgehog

Some times you have one of those days, one of those weeks, one of those months or even one of those years. With everything that has happened this last couple of weeks, I'm sure some sort of incident must have happened be it black cats crossing my path or walking under a ladder.

It started on the Thursday when my son fell off his bike, and hurt his knee. So Hospital, X-ray, but no break just a bad sprain.

Friday, I went down with Bronchitis, of course I was in vacation at the time, planning to write some more book, but that went with coughing etc.

Saturday, my daughter fell of her scooter, hurt her arm. So Hospital, X-ray, but this time a broken arm.

Sunday taking daughter to get her arm sorted, my wife's mini-van broke go down, Car Hospital. A week later back into hospital to have her arm reset

So what else...

A while ago I shared with you about purchasing our pet hedgehog. The breeder we purchased her from is moving from the East to the West coast so is selling off some of the hedgehogs at a reduced price. of course it was decided (by the kids) that our Ella (on the left), needed a friend. So yesterday after my daughter finally had her arm put into plaster (bright pink) they set of to pick up hedgehog number 2 Tina(on the right).

Driving up I95 something came off a truck in front of them and smash.. guess who needed a new windshield.

Mean while I'm hunting four leaf clovers, a rabbits foot and anything else that can help me though this month.


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"Across the Pond"


  1. LOL, sounds like my day, Barry. I'm thinking it has to do with the moon...or the planets...or the stars...

  2. I hope your week gets better! Those hedgehogs are very cute.

  3. The hedhogs are adorable. My daughter swears by a lucky rock. Apparently all you need to do is find an odd-shaped rock and decorate it with glittery paint.