Monday, September 14, 2009



Many people have been have used and in many cases abused by one of the the many company's set up by Robert M. Fletcher, who over a period of time...

"Over time, Fletcher used over ten names for publishing operations under the umbrella of the AEG Publishing Group. Basically, Fletcher and LAG were running a fraud by charging fees for all services while falsely giving hope to the authors that Fletcher and LAG would find a publisher for their book."

AEG has been one of the most well known, but the names have been changed even though the net results of being in many cases scammed have stayed the same. I hear today that the state of Florida is now seeking action against this person/group who some say was raking in over $600K a month without doing a fraction of what they stated they would.

"Writers who have had trouble with Robert M. Fletcher or any of the above-named businesses can still contact the office of the Florida Attorney General, regardless of their place or country of residence, or the date of their involvement."

Now I read that the company has once again changed their name and are now calling themselves to "Strategic Book Group"

A good place to start checking for any information like this is a site called "Writer-Beware"


Friends of ours went to move into their newly purchase house this last weekend only to find it was cordoned off as a crime scene. It seems the previous owners had one hell of a leaving party that ended up with a person having an eye taken out. They could not even leave their fully loaded Uhaul on the property until today as the state troupers were still investigating the scene of the crime.

As they say on all the good cop shows... "Be Careful... It's dangerous out there"

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  1. Wow, times two! I hate it when authors get taken advantage of. And gee, even though I've lived in some nasty areas, at least I haven't pulled up in my moving van and found yellow crime tape blocking off entrance to my new digs.

  2. LOL, I can't imagine my thoughts if that happened...I would say I was doomed from the beginning!

    Thanks for posting about the scammers, did good!

  3. That wouldn't even happen in a book!

    Morgan Mandel