Sunday, September 20, 2009


One of the things that has been mentioned by some regarding my book "Across the Pond" is how can anybody fall for, or care for somebody is just a few days as do Fred and Brit?

My answer is... Do you not have holiday romances in the US?

Thinking about this it is different in the UK where holidays are often taken to a different country and environment, an rules go out the window. Going from England to places such as Spain or Greece there are always the three "S" words (Sun, Sea and Sex). Getting up mid afternoon so you can party until the next breakfast time is not unusual. (Anybody ever been on an Club 18-30 holiday?)

A holiday romance can sweep you off your feet and also leave you feeling deserted and heartbroken. Follow these tips to ensure your summer fling goes with a swing

You're more likely to have a romance on holiday than at home. It's a fact. You feel physically relaxed and emotionally renewed, you're away from your daily routine and the stresses and strains of home and work - basically, you're ready to fall in love. And why not?

1: A holiday fling can make you feel like a queen/king and boost your confidence sky-high. However, on the down side, if the other party is keener than you, you could be left feeling under pressure, pestered and even stalked.

2: Emotions run high on holiday and, if you're embroiled in a romance, you may quickly feel very close to your partner. Passion can over-heat and intense intimacy may suddenly turn to conflict.

3: Holiday sex can be brilliant. The excitement of being on holiday, combined with sun, bare flesh and a few drinks can put even the most demure person in the mood for sex.

The problem is that holiday sex can get out of control. People often report getting carried away with the moment and having sex with a stranger. Once the sun comes up, all they're left with is guilt and regrets.

4: The holiday environment can be the perfect place to meet a potential new partner. However, you can get involved far too quickly and pin your hopes on the impossible. If he's not as keen, you may quickly end up with a broken heart.

5: Many flourishing and happy relationships, particularly in the thirty-plus age groups, start on holiday. If you think you've met your perfect partner, your holiday romance could well be the start of a lifelong commitment.

6: If you pair off with a local, you can get to see the country you're visiting from an insider's point of view - and often have the holiday of a lifetime.

But be warned - dating a local comes with hazards. Firstly, you may be just one of a series of summer flings for him. And, on the other hand, if you are both serious, be prepared for potential clashes of culture. You and your holiday beau might have deep-rooted attitudes that you don't share.


Many single people—from students to baby boomers—consider holiday romance an enticing, if not essential, part of a perfect summer holiday. No wonder so many people on holiday feel that love is in the air as soon as their car leaves the garage or their plane leaves the tarmac.

But for most summer lovers the joy is short-lived, because the majority of holiday romances last less than a week, according to a survey of 2,000 people in Great Britain.

Nearly nine in 10 holiday romances end within one week, with the average duration being just three days, according to a resent survey.

Does it matter? Even if your holiday romance follows the usual trend and ends after just a few days, you will still end up with some great memories.

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  1. great post Barry!

    Just like people asking how you get involved with someone online...there are things to guard against and to watch for...otherwise have fun ;)

    Marta’s Meanderings

  2. Thanks for popping y my blog, Barry! I love hearing from new people. :)

  3. Great post, Barry!! You have such a way with words!