Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A Book and a Chat with "Teresa R. Jones"

Many of us lose our way through life's pitfalls and hurdles.

Tonight's guest on a "Book and a Chat" author Teresa R Jones took her experiences of growing up and the hurdles of distractions, rejections, persecutions, and hurts that others her herself put in her way.

That was until she was able was able to find God and let him steered her back on course.

Teresa shares her life and the way she was told by God was a path back that others need to share, and that is why she wrote her book "Return to Your First Love - A Journey Back to God"

One day while she was home alone, reflecting on the ordeal and many other challenges she had to triumph over in her lifetime. She told God that life had been rough for her, but she could clearly see how He has been there to help her through it all.

She began to think about other women she knew who were still trying to battle life on their own. Teresa then told God that it is a shame that more women won´t turn their lives over to Him. She then heard a still small voice say, "Tell them." she asked, "Tell them? Lord, how?" The same still small voice said, "Book!" This moment was the conception of Return to Your First Love.

Return to Your First Love is not the typical self-help/relationships book filled with anecdotes and quotes from experts. Readers are invited to sit in the front row to experience actual events that dig deep and expose carnality and misconstrued ideas about Christianity, which will in turn guide them to a path of true intimacy with God.

Listen to an interesting thirty minutes as Teresa shares what lead her to write the book and how it will help so many people.


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