Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Across the Pond - January 11th News and Reviews

Saturday January 11th

Another family day, another day doing work on the book, planning the next chapter and answering questions.

The trip has been very good, even though short, and it has felt good to be back home again.

A fresh request for a blog interview turned out to be a little different to the normal requests. This time they wanted me to interview one of the characters from the book.

I churned over a few possibilities as to who that might be, perhaps Steve Harris the villain of the story, or even Brits mother.

In the end I played safe and interviewed Fred the hero of my Young Adult Fiction book “Across the Pond”

As when I write I became the person being interviewed became Fred, I think it not only helps make the character more realistic but also helps with the writing.

Today is my last day in England, before I head back to the US tomorrow.


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