Thursday, January 7, 2010

YA Month - "A Book and a Chat with Tirzah (Compulsive Reader Blog)"

January is YA Radio month on A Book and a Chat, with special guest throughout the month, not only authors but bloggers as well.

My guest on today's YA MONTH - "A Book and a Chat" was one of the YA bloggers I call the Sham-wow of Young Adult LiteratureTirzah who writes in the blog "The Compulsive Reader".

The show as normal was full of interest and entertainment and Tirzah shared with us how her love of reading had lead her to produce not only her blog, but reviews and book trailers amongst other items. In fact there seems no stopping her. With over a thousand book, I'm sure she'll have her own library soon.

Many interesting questions were put to Tirzah from people in the chat room, to which she supplied some really interesting answers.

During the show we learned about her favorite books both ones she reads as "comfort books" as well as sharing with us not only her most enjoyed books of 2009 along with some she is looking forward to reading in 2010. We also found out that Tirzah would have loved to have been around in the early twentieth century, chaining herself to railings and shouting "votes for women".

To find out about this and so much more listen to "YA Month - A Book and a Chat with "Tirzah" and her blog "The Compulsive Reader"

You can find the show links and about Tirzah at...



(Listen to the show or else if you want to talk to the guest dial in on 347- 237-5398)
[Times are EST shows are 30mins unless marked]

Jan 2nd – 11:00am Rhonda Stapleton (Stupid Cupid) 1hr
Jan 5th – 7:00pm Bree Despain (The Dark Divine) 1hr
Jan 7th – 6:30pm Tirzah - “Compulsive Reader Blog”
Jan 9th – 11:00am Michelle Zink (Prophecy of the Sisters) 1hr
Jan 12th – 6:30pm Kristi – “The Story Siren Blog”
Jan 14th – 6:30pm Alyssa – “Shayglade Blog”
Jan 16th – 11:00am Sarah MacLean (The Season) 1hr
Jan 18th – 6:30pm Kyle – “Goodreads”
Jan 19th – 6:30pm Jessica – “Chick Lit Teens Blog”
Jan 21st – 6:30pm Sharon – “Sharon Loves Books & Cats”
Jan 23rd – 11:00am Heidi R Kling (Sea) 1hr
Jan 26th – 7pm Carol Lynch Williams (The Chosen One) 1hr
Jan 28th – 6:30pm The Cindy Loves Books Show
Jan 30th – 11:00am Lisa Schroedar (Chasing Brooklyn) 1hr

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