Friday, November 27, 2009

Not Turkey Pacific

At this time of year when people will be eating way more than is good for them, and those surviving Turkeys give a sigh of relief that they might have survived another year.

In England except for those Americans living in the UK, we do not celebrate Thanks Giving, Turkey tends to be the main food eaten at Christmas.

When you remeber that in just over three weeks time it will be Christmas, perhaps my statement about the relief of Turkeys is not quite so true. The English Christmas dinner of perhaps Prawn Cocktail or melon to start, followed by roast Turkey, roast potatoes, parsnips, Brussel sprouts, stuffing and maybe a piece of Yorkshire pudding. And of course Christmas pudding as a desert, along of course with the must have Christmas crackers (you pull them and the go bang) complete with silly jokes and the "must ware" paper hats.

So on this day I thought I'd share with you something less savory and perhaps a warning to those who are flying somewhere this holiday.

Toilet mystery on Cathay Pacific flights to Hong Kong

Cathay Pacific says its fleet of Airbus planes has been hit by a spate of mysterious toilet blockages.

The problem has been so serious that one flight from Riyadh had to land in Mumbai when the crew discovered none of the plane's 10 toilets were working.

In other cases, the number of passengers boarding flights had to be restricted because of toilet problems. Any blockage usually affects all the toilets on one side of an aircraft.

Airbus engineers are now fitting new toilet pipes to the airline's fleet and carrying out deep cleaning.

Cathay spokeswoman said "Although the exact cause of the blockages was unclear, passengers themselves may be partly to blame."

"You would be amazed what we find in the pipes when we clean the system - not just face towels but medicine bottles, socks, items of clothing and even children's stuffed toys," she said.

The toilets use high-speed vacuum pipes to take waste at up to 68mph into a holding tank, which is then emptied between flights.

Barry Eva (Storyheart)

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