Monday, December 29, 2008

Across the Pond - December 29th

Latest news on my book "Across the Pond" by Storyheart

Read about it at

A fresh review, not at amazon, this time but at Reader Views. I had one previously there under the children reviewers this time it's in the adult section, which goes to show how the age that enjoy the book varies.

Received an email from the above lady "Irene Watson" re my "young adult fiction" book Across the Pond. Seems one of her readers has had trouble getting hold of a copy for their eldest, so I am going to send that person a signed copy and hope that they enjoy the read.

I also started working on video blogs or v-logs as they are called. updating my book intro and loading it onto

Working with my new PR lady Dorothy at pumpupyourbook I have many new ideas and follow up to work on. Also hoping that after the holiday I will be able to find a few new reviews at amazon.

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