Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Across the Pond - December 30th (News and reviews of my book Acorss the Pond by Storyheart)

I am cracking on with the “homework” items, given to me by pupupyourbookpromotions.com, to be ready for February's virtual book tour.

Virtual book tours provide visibility to the world rather than just a few people who might wonder into a local book store.

I have completed question and answer documents for several "blogs" which is where these virtual tours take place. I was surprised to read that one of these blogs gets around 3 million hits a month… 3 MILL... Virtual tours are obviously the way forward and the help I ma getting from “pubupyourbookpromotions.com” is fantastic.

I have also has a couple more feed backs re possible online radio programs in the New Year. I love doing these chat programs the English accent certainly helps and it provides and escape for some of my English humor.

Read all about Across the Pond and meet a couple of the book characters at http://across-t-pond


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