Thursday, August 2, 2012

Olympics 2012 -10


  Birdie damage, costume issues and a non slide

As always there have been a few "controversial" issues in these Olympics, and I'm not talking boxing where a person who got knocked down 5 times in a round still managed to score ten points while on his rear and win the bout. But more so the "birdie" attack. For those not used to badminton, the shuttlecock is sometimes called a "birdie". Over the last couple of days 4 pairs in the woman's doubles have been ejected for "not trying". These 8 athletes lost their games on purpose so they could get a better draw in the next round. Thankfully they did not get away with the "gamesmanship" and have now got a very easy next round, sitting whatching the players that did try.

In weightlifting  Ghada Hassine of Tunisia became the first Olympic weightlifter to compete in a newly approved unitard covering most of her body.

Rules requiring lifters to wear a uniform that doesn't cover the arms and lower legs were changed last year. The U.S. had petitioned for a change on behalf of a Muslim lifter.
Hassine, 19, wore the unitard Wednesday under the traditional weightlifting outfit and a hijab covering her hair as she participated in group B of lower-ranked lifters in the women's 69-kilogram category.
Perhaps for the puritan minded we might be seeing such items being warn in the swimming pool. Water polo, which is a cross between rugby and underwater wrestling, is not exactly a mild sport. During yesterdays woman’s match between Spain and the USA, a Spanish player's swimsuit was pulled, leaving her breast exposed..
Shock horror… Just walk along any beach in Spain or most other Mediterranean countries and you’ll see breasts expose everywhere, without the aid of a water polo game.

NBC were actually showing this even live, which is a shock in itself, having had issues with their tape delay, let’s face it a 5 hour delay in showing the opening ceremony there must have been some issues.

“Give it a go” lord mayor of London,  Boris Johnson came a bit unstuck when he tried out a zip line that was 45 meters (148 feet) high and 320 meters (1,050 feet) long at east London's Victoria Park. The portly mayor lost momentum about three-quarters of the way across, leaving him dangling from his harness about 10 meters (33 feet) above ground for a few minutes.
Glad to see he was still waving the flag.. Looking at the picture I wonder if he went “weeeee” as he slid down.

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