Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Is this a new form of "Mad Cow" ?

An animal charity has rescued a cow in South Ayrshire which got its head stuck in a ladder.

Members of the public called the Scottish SPCA after spotting the bewildered beast in a field beside the Troon to Barassie road last month.

An inspector contacted the farmer who owned the Belgian Blue bullock and helped return it to the herd unharmed.

The farmer, who recently took on the lease to the land, said he had no idea how the ladder ended up in the field.

'Surprisingly calm'

Scottish SPCA Inspector Kerry Kirkpatrick contacted the farmer after being alerted to the cow's plight.

He said: "When the job came through my first thought was, this is a wind up, but I arrived at the field to find the cow looking confused but surprisingly calm despite having his head wedged tightly in between the rungs of the ladder.

"The farmer's family rounded up the whole herd into a holding pen and we managed to gently pull the ladder off the cow's head.

"The farmer had no idea how the ladder ended up in his field as he only recently took on the lease for the land. It may have been used to patch up a hole in the fence or it could have fallen off a passing van or lorry. Either way, it's a rescue I won't forget in a while."

Barry Eva (Storyheart)

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  1. How odd. Thank goodness for the SCPA!

  2. Great photo! I'm glad to hear the cow wasn't too mad or at least not angry. Last month I tried to come to the rescue of a sheep that had its head stuck through a fence. I ended up scaring him (her?) so badly that he/she got out on her/his own. Next time I guess I should check the identity of the sheep so it's easier to tell the story...

  3. I actually had to read it again to completely understand it. Your viewpoint on the topic is very outright and convincing.

  4. Holy cow - no pun intended. A rescue not soon forgotten indeed.

  5. There are many JERKS around the world who love to do such kind of things to the animals as they got no chance to SPEAK, am saying this just because i have seen few teenagers at our area who used to always torture the dogs/cats or any other animals on the road all the time but fortunately they ended with few strikes from the local people and even me ! :)