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Leading up to next months "Male YA Auhtor Month" (MYM) today's show was a chat about why the month event was set up, following a challange from YA Auhtor Alexander Diaz, and how I went about getting a list of authors etc.

I went through all of the guests that will be appearing over the next month stating some of their book etc.

This months are for you the listeners, readrs and bloggers so I hope you get a chance to lsiten to some of the shows.

Below is the blog about MYM, and you can lsiten to todays radio show at.

"A Book and a Chat Male YA Author Month Chat"

or you can download the mp3 file of the show from

November is MALE YA MONTH the results of a challenge made to me by one of my guest following my successful YA Month of shows in January.
Are there enough YA writers and readers of YA literature out there to fill a month of "A Book and a Chat" shows?

I took up the challenge... contacting various YA bloggers to send me a list of some of their favorite male YA authors. The response was overwhelming with nearly every person I contacted agreeing to be on the program. Add to that a sprinkling of Male bloggers and Novembers "A Book and a Chat Month Male YA Month" (MYM) is born.

(For more details check - Book and a Chat Radio Show Guests - A Book and a Chat)

GUESTS/(These will all be for 1 hr) Blog Talk Radio Show:

Nov 2nd Heidi R. Kling interviews Barry (Storyheart) Eva - Tues 6:30pm EST

Nov 4th Andrew Auseon - Author of "Freak Magnet", "Funny Little Monkey" etc… - Tues 6:30pm EST

Nov 6th Jay Asher - Author of "Th1rteen R3asons Why" - Sat 11:00am EST

Nov 9th Daniel Waters - Author of "Generation Dead" series - Tues 6:30pm EST

Nov 10th David Macinnis Gill - Author of "Black Hole Sun" and " Soul Enchilada" - Wed 6:30pm EST

Nov 11th William Kostakis - Author of "Loathing Lola" - Thur 6:30pm EST

Nov 13th R.A.Nelson - Author of "Teach Me", "Breath My Name" and "Days of Little Texas" - Sat 11:00am EST

Nov 15th Jon Skovron - Author of "Struts & Frets" and "Misfit (2011)" - Mon 6:30pm EST

Nov 16th Barry Lyga - Author of "Fan Boy and Goth Girl", "Boy Toy", "Hero Type" etc… - Tues 6:30pm EST

Nov 17th James - Author of "Book Chic" blog - Wed 6:30pm EST

Nov 18th Shaun David Hutchinson - Author of "The Death Day Letter" - Thur 6:30pm EST

Nov 20th Daniel Nayeri - Author "Another Faust", "Another Pan" - Sat 11:00am EST

Nov 23rd Steve Brezenoff - Author of " The Absolute Value of -1", "Alley of Shadows" etc… - Tues 6:30pm EST

Nov 24th Alex - Author of "Alex reads books" blog - Wed 6:30pm EST

Nov 25th Estevan Vega - Author of "The Sacred Sin" and "Arson" - Thur 6:30pm EST

Nov 27th Allan Frewin Jones - Author of "The Faerie Path" and "The Warrior Princess" series - Sat 11:00am EST

Nov 30th Alan Gratz - Author of "Something Wicked", "Something Rotten", "The Brooklyn Nine" etc… - Tues 6:30pm EST

Barry Eva (Storyheart)

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