Thursday, March 4, 2010

A Book and a Chat with “Jacqueline Wales"

My special guest on todays "A Book and a Chat" began her motivational career from the steps of her tenement building when she advised the children in the neighborhood about how to avoid fights!

Jacqueline Wales was born in Edinburgh, Scotland, has been a global nomad for most of her life and has lived in several countries. The holder of a black belt in karate she is also a singer/songwriter with an album Secrets of the Sun and the author of four books.

Jacqueline shared with us how through her own live struggles some of which she shares in her semi-autobiographical novel When The Crow Sings, she has developed into the motivational writer and speaker that she is today.

Her book "The Fearless Factor" shows in glowing colors how to turn off the fear, self-doubt and anxiety and turn on the confidence so you can live your best life now. Her unique programs have helped women around the globe develop strong personal success, confident communication and clear visions of their goals.

Through the radio show Jacqueline explained much that we can do to help ourselves and was as other parts of her life. During the show, she also announced that people listening to the show who contact her can also receive a free consolation, as well as a news letter of helpful advice.

So if you think your life is the downward slope, or that life might have passed you by, listen to my guest on today's show as she explains how life can begin at forty on "A Book and a Chat with Jacqueline Wales"


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A Book and a Chat with Jacqueline Wales

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To find out more information about Jacqueline Wales, her book "The Fearless Factor" and how to contact her for a free consolation:
Jacqueline Wales - The Fearless Factor

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