Monday, January 19, 2009

Across the Pond - Janaury 19th News and Reviews

Across the Pond January 19th

Some more interest from various blogs, several books being sent out on Tuesday so more reviews on the way.

I did a little work on my web pages at adding a link to me latest interview at California Chronicle

It is about me, my book “Across the Pond” and then some questions and answers.

I am very pleased to appear in such a large review

About California Chronicle
The American Chronicle, California Chronicle, Los Angeles Chronicle, World Sentinel, and affiliates are online magazines for national, international, state, and local news. We also provide opinion and feature articles. We have over 3,500 contributors, over 100,000 articles, and over 11 million visitors annually.
Not such good news is a return trip to the chiropractor after a yet another painful night. The Xrays show a spur on the 4/5 vertebrae, so I have to go to see s specialist tomorrow and perhaps have a jab or whatever to try and sort out this bone spur.

Any way back to book stuff..

This up and coming week I have another radio interview, this time on Artists First at 6pm on Wednesday.

Author of “Across the Pond”

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